Thursday, July 4, 2013

CD Review: Huntress-Starbound Beast(Released July 2, 2013)Napalm Records

Without seeming to catch their breath from last years stellar debut "Spell Eater" -this is a stronger album on many parts. When a band has a strong debut album I can only think how much pressure comes over the band for writing the next album but with 2 albums in two years that says to me at least there wasn't any pressure they just wrote more great music.
Jill Janus has seemed to have found more voices to accompany her on this record, or has fined tuned them better to make them more haunting than the previous record. Speed is something they are great at like in the song "Zenith" my favorite song on the album, which will be their first single off the album.
This album is going to be one of those albums you can listen to later in life and look back and be happy you were around when it first came out like the album you constantly still play from your younger days.
The other thing that might make some think they have touched those in the metal world is Lemmy Kilmister co-wrote the song "I Want To F-you to Death", briefly would like to wish him a healthy recovery as his health is serious right now-they cancelled the rest of their tour this year because of it.

Here is my interview with Jill from last year:
I am hoping to do another someday soon with her and the rest of the band.

Behind The Scenes Interviews Jill Janus(Huntress)

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