Thursday, July 11, 2013

Movie Review: Sharknado(Releases July 11, 2013)The Asylum

Really there are very few titles that say what the film is all about and what a cool idea really with shark films being one of the genres that seem to do really well for ratings, this SyFy film debuts on the channel I got to watch on the weekend for review.

 From the start of the film there is chaos and there is death and destruction would you expect any less from a film of this nature?

The film is quite enjoyable I mean really if you go into this film really looking for a plot, you might want to avoid this all together, but if you are looking for some cheeze, then this is 100% cheeze!

Now of the trailer above did not convince you that this would be fun to watch with a lot of action then move along, nothing to see here.But if you like scenes where the lead actor is climbing a rope and a shark grabs onto the rope and pulls itself up after him, then tune in.
With John Heard and Tara Ried as the main stars of the film, only second to the Sharknado, this will go down in the books with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Toxic Avenger.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel discuss the movie below.

Sharknado music video:

Some other fun things related to the film are:

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