Friday, August 30, 2013

British Columbia Talent: CD Review: Lee Lindsey-Flowers 2013(Tall Poppy Records)

I had first heard of Lee in The Province newspaper a paper for all its means still has a decent entertainment section-it is the first place I go when I read any paper.
The article was published May 1 and I kept a copy of it as I wanted to contact her about reviewing her music as there is little help for BC Talent to get some exposure and I would like to help where I can even if reviewing a CD might help.
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lee as a person and not just another performer and she is a giving person and I had a few questions for her regarding the label etc.

Tall Poppy is your own label is that correct?

Yes tall poppy is my little indie label!

When did the label all become a reality? also are there any other artists on the label?

It was started in 2000 with my then partner Richard 'Jack' Guy, he's Australian and Tall Poppy is an Australian 'syndrome' and there's a book written on the terminology. There was a UK artist called Art Fazil on it at one time and of course my son Sam Bradley until the house fire and then he had his Twilight success...I couldn't manage him at the time as I was neck deep in the fire aftermath...


Lee Lindsey's Flowers Music Video

I have had a number of conversations with Lee over the few months that I have known her and she kindly sent me her CD and a t-shirt for the album as well, with a handwritten note, very personable.

She has a nice soft voice that has a warm and happy sound to it on most of what she sings. "California" and "Ever" also "Warrior" are some of the songs that really showcase her voice.

The Lost Hippie T-shirts video

Lee Lindsey Tour 2013

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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