Friday, August 16, 2013

Card Subject to Change: TNA HardCore Justice Impact on Spike TV--Results

So I had asked last week to show me if you were interested in me keeping this series on here or not, well last weeks rundown of things on this event I guess did interest a number of you and was the most read post from last week with a number of 24. Not a big number but it did beat out all the others.
Here are the results from last nights 

                                HARDCORE JUSTICE

There were a few changes last night Velvet Sky was not a part of the Knockout's fight.
This (below)is from TNA
As some noted yesterday during the TNA Impact Wrestling HardCORE Justice Discussion, Velvet Sky was originally advertised to compete in a TNA Knockouts tag match with ODB against Gail Kim and Mickie James. Instead, the match turned into an impromptu 3 way.

Former TNA knockout Angelina Love addressed the situation via her Official Twitter Account. She wrote the following:

"Talked to Velvet 2nite and wanna let everyone know she's fine she loves the fans support & concern but there's nothing to worry about! She's really sorry if she let anyone down for not being able to appear on the show tonight. Tons of love is being sent out to u all!"

Kurt Angle also was not there TNA President Dixie Carter explains below in the video. What she states is true that Kurt Angle has been put into rehab for drinking & driving.

With all that happening afterwords then the set up is complete for next week.
The question is now who will step up and help the Mafia?

So onto the results:

The ladder match was well fought out with the four in the ring being some of the best working today and this roster makes it hard as there are few wrestlers here that I don't like so making a choice of who I wan't to win is hard but not the way Kazarian won, but he is a heel anyways.

Another great match was the Knockouts match the only match that did not have any cheating as well and ODB was the winner-these three women are some of the toughest women in ANY sport!

Then because the Main Event Mafia vs Aces & Eights was postponed till next week we had another great match  A Tables Match.

Then onto the Main Event Bully Ray President of Aces & Eights trying to get the belt back from Chris Sabin 

This was also another well fought match but was clear Bully Ray was going to lose so...

Here is some footage that was taped after the show went off the air.

Now you may ask why I have neglected to talk about Rampage Jackson or Tito Ortiz well that is because I am not for all these MMA guys coming into wrestling, plus this is all a plug for their upcoming fight in November wanna know more?
Then hit a MMA site-this isn't one. I am a wrestling fan, more TNA than WWE that's for sure!

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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