Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little Shop of Movies Review: Epic

There are a number of elements from so many family films here in Epic , Alice in Wonderland and Honey I Shrunk the Kids I really wanted to like this film when I saw the trailers for this film I was interested. This made me feel empty the story is so similar of so many of the animated features that we see these days, nothing new here.
We have a scientist that is certain there is something more than the trees and bushes in the forest right outside of his home, having his daughter come to stay with him does not go well for him as this is his passion. As always Dad is a dork that makes the regular Dad mistakes that all movies are guilty of, then  there is the mutual understanding at the end of it all.
The film looks great but so many films these days have that great look without much else when we have modern heroes animated films like Brave this cannot even compare to it.
The highlight of the film are the Abbott/Costello  C-3PO/R2-D2 companions which are the snail & slug-the rest not so much.
Their names are Mub & Grub and the funniest part of the film, where I actually rewound is below.

Overall I am sure the young people in your household will enjoy it, however my two boys 10 & 14 left halfway through sighting boredom.

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Anthony Nadeau

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