Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little Shop of Movies Review: G.I. Joe:Retaliation

So when will stop ruining the action film with the  most dated and overused story lines?Oh yes right "If it ain't broke why fix it" is the mentality of all the major executives of all studios.
The Joe's(as they are called here)are the best at what they do, then how come they get ambushed just like the did in the first film? How come the villain wants to destroy the whole planet, Pinky & the Brain just wanted to rule the world-not destroy it.
Where the first film had a ton of action the action was well done, here it is just your standard cookie cutter variation action.
With the only exception and that is the villain Firefly. Especially his excellent fireflies that help him.
This was the character that I was routing for all along.

The action scenes are just so preposterous and overdone here is a small part of the very lengthy fight scene on a mountaintop.

This and a number of other action films have me worried about the current state of the action genre-this is just bad all around, Dwayne Johnson makes it all more painful.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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