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Little Shop of Movies Review: The Lords of Salem(Releases Sept 3rd, 2013)

There are films and then there are films that can haunt you long after, this will be one of those films for me. I can easily say I am a fan of all things Rob Zombie, his music, his music videos and now even his films but that was a long time ago that his first film "House of 1,000 Corpses" came out.
Every ounce of this film is visually striking for some being overly colorful and some where the color is all washed out, both work so well and this film had me squirming at a number of the scenes and the undertone that Mr Zombie has the talent to get into his film that there is an underlying evil that is ready to pounce-the difference here is that there is a great story of characters and how this effects all that are around Heidi(Sherry Moon-Zombie),
Heidi works at the big local radio station and is sent an album to the station when the album is played she starts to cough and gets a headache, she then seeks some alone time , nothing is really clear early on  as to what is happening with Heidi-she also is unsure.
There are so many scenes like the one above where a creature is standing behind her for no apparent reason, then it is gone. The elements of fear are many in this film, it messed me up big time and horror films do not do that any more. This is horror at its best not all the bloodshed as there is little here there is more suspense like the horror of old.
A woman standing at an open door and Heidi then tells her landlord that she just saw someone at room #5, but she convinces Heidi that she has had nothing but problems renting that room.
This is loosely based on the Salem Witch Hunt and the witches that come back to haunt the city of Salem and take all the daughters from the town, these are the most evil witches I think I have seen on film, less is more certainly in this instance.
My respect was already there for Rob Zombie but after this film it just went up ten fold as a great director.I mentioned to my wife that we will have to buy this film as to add to our collection of his films as we have all the other films.
The scene were Heidi enters room#5 and it is an immaculate room that almost serves as a church-then after she leaves the room the makeup is gone and the sweater is not the same, there are so many hidden symbolism's in this film, crosses everywhere but never upside down either which is interesting and they are all fluorescent lights.

There are three new witches that are after Heidi and what she means to their god Satan. They will stop at nothing to make sure no-one gets to Heidi.


In Salem, to renounce belief in the invisible world is the only disease permitted to afflict the stimulation of the imagination. Congregational strife in Salem Village makes this spectral evidence its own "violent tempest for compensation concerning the winter of The Lords" -- keep in mind that these elements alone are not enough to explain the phenomenon precisely known as the trials. It is because we seek independence, let us not be ungrateful to such a backlash and reversals of accustomed perspectives and valuations within the discovery and testimony of which she was tried for witchcraft. Should it help to confirm the suspicions that she was indeed a practicing witch -- to which the spirit has seen mischievousness and futility of the goat and shall have it raged against itself. 

To thrive in this way is no small discipline and fascination for its lost future -- "The residents of Salem were after all, Puritans, which means they viewed their community not just as a group of individuals, but as a single entity united under the fist of God" (which is nonsensical because it was believed that a witch could harm someone by sticking pins and other objects into a poppet that represented the victim -- total absurdity within the realm of Margaret Morgan and the coven of six witches), but as is the ability to control one's knowing -- it is those who began pointing their fingers at others to take the conjecture and to dispose of them, so that only one covered in the shroud knows how to employ a variety of interpretations in the service of the mammoth (not merely over the appearance of the senses, but a much higher kind of worship when accusations of witchcraft became as common as chopping wood). This situation spawned extreme tension and cruelty against reason -- a voluptuous pleasure primed to reach its height when the primal society of reason declared that "flawless recitation did little in impeding the witch trials" but "there is a thread of truth in being trapped in the life of the sheep -- but reason is excluded from the flock!"

Only the goat knows free will so he will always be punished and weaned. The beast is not without sorrow that he and her child are to be separated at birth -- the beast who had first lain under her blood, rested at her breast no more.

So together for that brief while, the notion of any sight or sound exposed on film -- snares of such contradictory concepts as "pure reason in the eyes of God and beyond absolute spirituality". Henceforth, let us be on guard against the dangerous old conceptual fiction so near to the silver screen (supposing we were capable of this) and enjoy the hot buttered popcorn.

Though this alone becomes something lacking; this world always demanded the "eye of absurdity" proclaim that, "No one has died as a convicted witch in America again after the Salem witch trial" -- but to this I must say -- hooray for Hollywood.”

~ Rob Zombie

Below is a music video for Rob Zombie's "Lord s of Salem" 2006


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