Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little Shop of Movies Review: Oblivion

I like many film fans enjoy the tellings of many space tales if you go back to Stanley Kubrick's 2001:A Space Oddessy then you have reached the pinnacle of what space and time can mean and those many hours alone aboard a vessel with a computer(that was many years ahead)that told you all you needed to know.
That also was just a man in a ship that had very little visual effects and if there were any they were to engage the story.

That was 1968 and this is 2013 many decades later and yet the ability to tell a sufficient story there is a need for a human story we have that, small little amount of human element and suffering --for what good is that if they are not interested in  another source of life that we are unable to define for your audience, therefore leaving them out in the cold.
Here Tom Cruise plays  Jack either Jack 59, 52 or whatever clone he might stumble upon.
 I was neither convinced that Cruise knew what all this meant nor did his writers.  This mess of a movie would have served better as a vehicle for a romantic comedy. Basically this is a  love story that would have been better as that,
 than all this random garbage about our pasts/futures and not meaning much other than the great visuals.
His whole purpose in this film(until he finds something else out)is that his mission in life is to find broken drones and fix them. There are a few films that are clearly ideas stolen from them Total Recall(1990)with the memory loss and the Scav's are ripoff's of the Sandpeople(Tuskin Raiders)from Star Wars(1977)

Other than the messy script I found some useless information when researching this ,most interesting is that this film is based on an Unpublished Graphic Novel of the same name. The book publisher's found it unworthy of publishing it but the author based their script on it. Another note this was Tom Cruise's 12th film to break the 200 million in Box Office sales.
I have also read some other reviews that have praised this film for it's cinematography and special effects and not much for the story, I am in total agreement there.

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Anthony Nadeau

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