Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie Review:American Brawler (Barrio Brawler)(Released August 27, 2013)The Asylum(Updated Jan 4, 2014)

So the title was changed to American Brawler for Barrio Brawler, why I am not sure put the poster remained the same.

Sorry to be the one to say this but if The Asylum was to put out more films like this one, the world would take them more seriously, but then again the world does need Sharknado after all.

Marco Antonio Alverez plays Carlos a man, teacher that is owing so much money to the company that lent him the money and they are prepared to sue him. Going to find his brother Ricky(Dennis Ruel)that owes him money from years before, Carlos did not ask before but now he is desperate.
Ricky on the other hand does not have the monies owed and asks his boss for it, his boss has some plans of his own and tells Ricky he and Carlos will fight some underground fights.
This is where the film kicks into high gear and there are some incredible fights in this film, some to the point they look like they are making contact.
This is a really decent film with some great fighters even Jake Shields(UFC) has a walk through cameo. Dennis Ruel(Ricky)also did the choreography for this film and a number of the stunts ,also noted in the credits is that he did additional editing as well. Mr Ruel is an icon in the smaller circuit of Martial Arts films and I applaud his efforts here.
They story itself is not new but when do we see new in action films anyways? What is fresh is the fighting this is not your typical fight scenes and the strength of Carlos character in the film is one to be admired for his strength for family and his character to stand for what he believes in.

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