Monday, September 2, 2013

British Columbia Talent: CD Review: Saotoa- Latent

Soatoa is a Vancouver based band that plays music in the humble style of Pink Floyd, Burning Spear and Ray Charles.

With a great sound of many backgrounds this bands depth of style of music and some great music is definitely a treat to this reviewers ears.
The constant harmonies and great playing makes me pleased to be hearing this and I think you folks would be as well.

The great reggae feel to so many of their songs and the straight up light rock songs like Jack & Gloria are such well written songs.
This band would be great to see live as the videos show and look forward to seeing them at their next one if it is local.

Swaying Trees has a vocal approach that is different and the band plays ever so lightly on their instruments, creates a real great feel and mood. It is a mystical magical song. Hope they get some airplay somewhere or I will have to push them more here to get them some more attention.
This like my earlier review today was also something that I have promised for some time and and am doing it for that reason I plan on covering them more.
Wow Restraint is also a fantastic song as well, this album just gets better with each song!

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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