Monday, September 16, 2013

CD Review: Felix Martin--The Scenic Album(Releases September 17th, 2013)Prosthetic Records

Whether you are a fan of guitar players like Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani or Yngwie Malmsteen this talented guitarist shall be added to the list maybe you have not heard of him as I did not, why?

(From his bio)
After guitar legend Steve Vai added an extra string to his Ibanez a quarter-century ago, rock would never again sound the same. At first, it wasn't clear that this was a good thing, as the "nu metal" acts of the 1990s embraced the down-tuned, chug-heavy sound of seven-string guitars to thuggish effect -- but eventually, such "extended range" instruments made possible the boundary-pushing music of forward-thinking groups such as Animals As Leaders, Meshuggah and Deftones.
Enter Felix Martin, a left-handed, Venezuelan-born guitar prodigy who moved to America after winning a scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee School of Music. Instead of merely adding an extra string to his instrument, though, Martin took things several steps further and added an entire second set of strings. His self-designed 14-string custom guitar features two seven-string guitars on one wide neck which allows him to play both guitars simultaneously, allowing for his unique system of eight-fingered chords and slap-tapping techniques. 

This is an incredibly played album the amount of skill this man has is amazing have a look at the video above.
I can see why he got the scholarship to attend Berklee without a doubt.
I am amazed at the music that this man can play and that he is a relatively unknown.Hope he gets some more attention with this album he deserves it, in my opinion.

I would be surprised if people are not flooding to see his shows as this man is something else, he makes it look so easy like you and I breath air -he plays this guitar.
The diversity of different styles and speeds he plays would tire the some of the best musicians in the world with his work being so more than a routine guitar album that has to have it's guest list instead he plays and has a back up band and lets the music do the talking .

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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