Sunday, September 8, 2013

CD Review: Go-Zilla-Go-Zilla (Self Released)2013

I was contacted by Chris from the band they are from London & Kent, England. I was contacted in July of this year sorry  to the guys for not getting to this sooner.

This is from their bio:
‘‘For the uninitiated, Go-Zilla are a three piece pop/rock/dance/dubstep act from London & Kent. They’ve have been together writing since Christmas 2011 but didn’t start playing live until May 2012 – for a fairly new band, they are making huge waves on the scene including being played on BBC Radio introducing and Hoxton Radio and being featured in magazines such as Kerrang and Front. Recent Live gigs include headlining Camden Underworld and supporting Sonic Boom Six in Kent, as well as a few previous appearances at The Tunbridge Wells Forum.’’
(Discover the garden of England)
This is not my ordinary cup of tea , hell this isn't something I would play at all normally but when someone takes the time to send you their work-the least you can do is listen I can appreciate the time that this took to do and all, this does not really speak to me but "Throwdown" is a decent song it did grow on me, the video is below.

This is techno-music and I am knowing that there is an audience for it even my ten year old likes this stuff but I am a man pushing 50 and this is for the younger generation.
Having so many musicians sending me their music is unbelievable and I thank them all for taking the time to do so.
"Chasing Shadows" has a nice mix to it and the beat is catchy see I can be openminded to any kind of music if it is done well.
Below is a fun video of them covering Keisha's "Blow"

"Don't Wait For Me" has  an undertone to it that seems like the song is going to explode, but then just as the song gets going it stops, oh well.
The strongest song on the album is "Keep Breathing" this is a great song.I can't stop playing this song.

Below is the link to their Bandcamp page to listen to the album yourself, if you like it why not support the band and buy it in the link on the page.

                                                            Go-Zilla Bandcamp Page

This is a band with the right push and the label to push them right they could go places I am sure, they even have a fan of my age to give them a play and after all is said and done -this is not a bad album at all.
Statement from Go-Zilla
"This year has been amazing so far. We have all achieved so much thanks to everyones support. The best thing about being in this band are all of you"
Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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