Monday, September 16, 2013

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Bling Ring(Releases Sept 17, 2013)

There are those movies that you wonder why they are even made if they are about such losers as this group of kids that felt it is ok to steal for celebrities. For whatever reason that you out there feel that celebrities have it all and they almost deserve it with all their riches, well I beg to differ.
These kids were dumb not taking into account that they were breaking into homes of wealthy people that would have security cameras and the like taking pictures of themselves and others focusing on the goods they just stole that evening.
This was done really well in showing their need for "visiting" Paris Hilton's home for eight times and the other people that they invaded their personal space.
Emma Watson(Harry Potter Series)is fantastic here as she has proven her acting abilities and star power at an older age than when she was in the Harry Potter films and really shows what diversity she can give when needed in certain roles.
Her performance in "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" was also great, she is easily one of my favorite young actress.
Above the group on one of their "visits" to Paris Hiltons home, they bothered my young sons in these scenes and actually left the room, with their constant taking of others possessions.

Below is a link that will take you to the 2010 article written by Nancy Jo Sales that was the inspiration for this film being made.

Vanity Fair Article March 2010-Nancy Jo Sales

Below is a picture of the group of young people that decided to do this, I hope they learned their lessons in life.

With all the films about bank robbers etc this was different but also the way the story was told was very well done, one of the better crafted films of the year--with the most annoying soundtrack.
Below is a video with Paris Hilton giving her thoughts on some of the happenings at her house.

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