Thursday, September 12, 2013

Little Shop of Movies Review: Star Trek Into Darkness(Released September 10th)

So does a movie these days get judged on its own merits without being compared to the other in the series, some do but others like this Star Trek Into Darkness has a serious following that can sometimes do more damage prior to the release of a film, shall we look at Star Wars: Episode One as an example.
Without the shattering amount of fans worldwide this series was never taken seriously on Television and then after the fans demanded it back and then the first film was made for launch in 1979 and gave a whole new meaning for "Space the final frontier".
With a number of films to follow it is always the fans comparing this film to that and what was better etc, this film has it's predecessor to deal with now.
For those of you not keeping track(or interest)there is a younger crew of the Starship Enterprise-it is a younger, hipper more modern version of what the "crew" was and still is revered in one of the groundbreaking series. Not because of it's space travel etc but because there was a worldwide crew aboard it's ship.
Captain Kirk(Left, Chris Pine)Scotty(Back red shirt Simon Pegg)
Bones, Dr(blue shirt-Karl Urban)Sulu(yellow shirt John Cho) & Uhura(red shirt Zoe Saldana)
So with all that out of the way this film does well as the group of actors are now in their characters and what a group of characters I unlike many was not a fan/follower of the original series nor did I watch/follow the many other series of shows that followed I have however seen all of the films of the Star Trek series and have enjoyed the most of them.
Not only are we dealing with a new group of actors playing the parts of the crew immortalized by the original group of actors from the 60's but we are now dealing with a new group of young people that have probably never seen any of the original crew.
The film is honest in its portrayal of the characters and there is even a scene that pays homage to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan for those that know will know what I am speaking of.
The bond is not as tight between the captain and the crew but remember this is only their 2nd time out aboard the ship.
The difference maker now is studios and television executives are more worried about star power than making a star of an actor.
Is it just me or are all the jails of the future all starting to the look the same and imagine how much energy they would take to operate as well and here we are in this decade worrying about energy should that not be present in our future more?
This was an entertaining film and that is nothing more to say on this.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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