Saturday, September 14, 2013

Little Shop of Movies Review: World War Z(Releases September 17, 2013)

The world as we know it is done, wait have we not seen this before--well yes but this is fresh enough to keep the interest.
Gerry & Karin Lane are just your average parents of two young girls they are taking to school. Traffic jam and they are playing a game,  then there is a police officer that takes out their side mirror  Gerry gets out of the car then a police officer comes up behind him and tells him to stay in his car.
The problem is most of the people of the city/world have become infected and are running at lightning speed --bet some of the Olympic athletes would like to have what they are having, for sure.
There are so many of these zombies it is hard to completely grasp some of the scenes as it is so fast there is little time to catch an idea of what is happening.
Gerry & Segen board a plane that they think will take them to safety and of course we know better(check image above)I was thinking they have to get the plane down somehow but the methods he uses only somewhat cripples the plane and they are able to make a semi-safe landing.
There are some tense moments when they confront some of the zombies but overall the scares were minimal as to the science being used here instead of it ultimately being all about zombies it was more of a status for the World Health Organization.
When in doubt of a world crisis , run to the W.H.O. they will know what to do and if not just play it by ear and everything will end up fine, this is Hollywood after all.

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Anthony Nadeau

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