Friday, September 6, 2013

MTI Home Video Review: Slip & Fall(Releases Sept 10, 2013)

William Forseythe(Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo , The Devils Rejects)and Andrew Divoff(Wishmaster,Lost & CSI: Miami)star in this average lust filled semi-comedy where the majority of the jokes fall flat.(pun intended)

Jerry(Forseythe) is trying to convince his young naive friend Danny(Sam Cohan) that there is nothing wrong with faking an injury as he does it all the time. Danny is in need of some serious money as his student fees for law school are due and the trailer that he lives in with his grandmother is going to get repossessed. His grandmother spent all of his tuition on a satallite dish so she can watch TV all day.
 Danny & Jerry wait at the local diner as the water they have purposely spilt freezes so Danny can (poorly)fake his injury.
Jerry then takes him to a "lawyer" who only talks of his sexcapades with women and quite vulgar at times as well.
Then he goes a "doctor" who takes his left arm and asks if that hurts, Jerry nods yes Danny says "Yes" and the "doctor" says "That is the worst back injury I have ever seen"
Everyone was good in their roles Sam was convincing as Danny and Andrew Divoff was mean as the Dean at the Law School.
But the highlight of the film was the honest fun character of Sarah(Marie Polizzano)she was the brightest part of this average film she lit the room up with her smile and warmth.
Without her in the film I would not probably liked it as much as for the rest of the film the courtroom scenes were done well and there was a cameo of Allan Dershowitz who called Danny a Son of a bitch, then is gone from the film guess that was his stamp of approval for the film?

This has some fun parts and the actors are good as I mentioned I guess I was looking for side splitting humor and that was not this film , for sure.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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