Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Asylum Movie Review: Age of Dinosaurs(2013)

From the studio that brings you the modern B-film and after Sharknado have a true(and deserved)fan base now. Sure their movies are cheesy but they know that and they thrive at that, also they are making money and one small film has created such a buzz.
Ronny Cox stars as a man that has a dream to bring back hope to people and with that announcement he stands from his wheelchair and shows that he has fixed his own legs. Then tells the audience he has also messed with some other DNA, didn't this already turn bad for another old man that wanted to play with Dinosaurs?
Sadly it does not bode well for the rest of the group of people in the area as the dinosaurs are hungry for human flesh,unless you are Treat Williams and his daughter sure they get chased all through the last half of the film but they always escape with only his daughter getting a slight scratch on her forehead.
The dinosaurs looks good for the most part except when they use puppet heads for some of the dinosaurs.

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Anthony Nadeau

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