Saturday, October 26, 2013

CD Review: Noctum-Final Sacriifice(Releases October 29th)Metal Blade Records

There are those albums when you first hear them you just know that it is a masterpiece -this is one of the current and better albums period of any year.

(Band Profile)
Swedish rockers NOCTUM will release their Metal Blade Records debut Final Sacrifice October 25th. Up until now there have only been two songs heard from these up and coming buzz worthy Swedes, but today the band is proud to present their first lyric video for the song Temple of the Living Dead. The lyric video also includes live footage captured by Johan Bengtsson. 
(Band profile cont'd)

In the town of Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2009 a band called Séance was formed. Moving at breakneck speed the band formed in September, recorded a two-song demo after adding guitarist Per Wikström to the lineup in October, and by November had changed their name to NOCTUM. Within those three months, the band signed an LP deal with High-Roller Records, and a CD deal with Stormspell Records.
NOCTUM's debut album, The Séance, was released in September 2010 via High-Roller and in December by Stormspell. The band finally embarked on their first European tour in July of 2011, and followed that up with a new EP, The Fiddler.
By August of 2011, NOCTUM created enough buzz in the underground to gain the attention of Metal Blade Records, which led to a new worldwide record deal.
With a new record deal in place with a global label, NOCTUM spent the majority of 2012 refining their sound and writing new songs. Their search for original and interesting material led them to a heavier and darker sound. The progression came very naturally for the band and differs from the typical 70's vibe. The new material successfully evokes a heaviness and emotion one might not expect from a "retro" sounding band.

I have enjoyed the tracks from this album and am spinning it for a second spin right now. For fans of classic rock/metal check the video out below for a listen to this lyric video they have found a new fan in this reviewer this is some awesome stuff. This is almost like we have gone back in time and found some classic rock band , congrats to all involved with this album especially the band for creating some of what will be in my top 10 of the year!!

For those of you out there reading this that are not fans of heavy metal take a listen above I am sure you will be surprised, it is not everyday that you get such great music to hear these days.

I feel it such an honor and privilege to do what I do get to hear all this great music and review it, I mean it is not everyday that you hear a lead into a song these days that has buzz riffs happen on the guitar with the bass and drums and a flute!?Yes that's right folks the song "The Revisit" has that lead in.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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