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CD Review:Skeletonwitch-Serpents Unleashed(Releases October 29th)Prosthetic Records

While I am not really a fan of this type of heavy metal there is an undying love for this genre of heavy metal I will state that I am not a fan of the vocals but can certainly appreciate what the rest of the band is doing, being a drummer myself rhythm is very important to me.

This is some really heavy stuff and not for all , but at the same time there is some interesting history here:

As SKELETONWITCH celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, it's fitting to reflect on some notable numbers from the band's first decade of destruction:

4: Number of full-length releases (with #5 due on Oct. 29)

2: Number of those full-lengths to crack the Billboard Top 200
1 each: Number of times they've appeared on the covers of Decibel and Terrorizer magazines
7: European tours including performances at the metal’s largest and most respected festivals such as Wacken, Summer Breeze, Graspop, Tuska, Bloodstock and more
500,000+: Number of miles the band has traveled across North America
0: Number of those miles driven by someone other than guitarist Nate Garnette
Countless: cans of beer consumed, high fives given and good times had
Since signing with Prosthetic seven years ago, a new SKELETONWITCH album has materialized like clockwork every other October. First, there was the group's sophomore breakthrough, "Beyond The Permafrost." Produced by late GWAR guitarist Cory Smoot and featuring iconic artwork by John Baizley (Baroness, Kylesa, Kvelertak), the album – and subsequent tours with the likes of Danzig, Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth – told the world what the rest of Ohio already knew: that SKELETONWITCH was a metal force to be reckoned with. That album's “Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery” would eventually be featured in the video game “Brutal Legend,” placing the band in excellent company with digitized versions of Rob Halford, Ozzy and Lemmy.
Oddly enough this band has been asked to play at a persons wedding at Disneyland and they have been banned from doing so.
So instead they have invited the couple on stage to be wed after their performance at one of their shows.
(From Internet)
 Skeletonwitch will not be allowed to perform at the local House of Blues, as the group has joined the likes of Exodus, Machine Head, and others who have been deemed “unfit to be associated with” Disney, on whose property the venue is located.
Although Skeletonwitch might not be welcome at the Magic Kingdom, a California couple has asked the band to make their dreams come true. During the band’s live performance in Fresno on November 15, local fans Travis Bartlett and Lanae Forrest will get married on stage — making local venue Strummer’s their own happiest place on Earth.
Says groom-to-be Bartlett, “Lanae and I are taken aback and beyond elated that Skeletonwitch are willing to be a part of the most important day of our lives. There really aren’t words to show our appreciation for the band being with us as we begin our lives together.”

This is a great album all around and I was surprised how much I did like it.

10/24 Cleveland, OH – Peabodys *
10/25 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club *
10/26 Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory *
10/27 Providence, RI – The Met *
10/28 Burlington, VT – Higher Ground *
10/29 Quebec City, QC – Le Cercle *
10/30 Montreal, QC – La Tulipe
10/31 Ottawa, ON – Ritual *
11/01 London, ON – Rum Runners *
11/02 Toronto, ON – Mod Club *
11/04 Thunder Bay, ON – Crocks *
11/06 Winnipeg, MB – West End Cultural CEntre *
11/07 Saskatoon, SK – Louis Pub *
11/08 Edmonton, AB – Avenue Theatre *
11/09 Calgary, AB – The Den *
11/11 Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore *
11/12 Spokane, WA – The Center *
11/13 Eugene, OR – Wow Hall *
11/15 Fresno, CA – Strummers *
11/16 Pomona, CA – Glasshouse *
11/17 Tucson, AZ – The Rock *
11/19 Odessa, TX – Club Patron *
11/20 Oklahoma City, OK – Conservatory ^
11/21 Springfield, MO – Outland Ballroom ^
11/22 St. Louis, MO – Firebird ^
11/23 Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose ^
11/24 Bloomington, IL – The Castle Theatre ^
11/25 Joliet, IL – Mojoes ^
11/26 Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection ^
11/27 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop ^
* Noisem opening
^ Wolvhammer opening

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