Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Independent Film Reviews: Hate Crime

Taking a page out of Hollywood's book and stomping all over it is "Hate Crime" sorry folks this is not a feel good film by any means this is what the title clearly states that it is a hate crime indeed.
While other reviewers have jumped all over this for its unbelievable acting and other small notes this reviewer disagrees as I felt for what the actors were trying to accomplish worked quite well.
The newest members to the small community is this family of Jewish faith and they are celebrating their youngest sons birthday, ever the happy dad he is documenting on video with much protest to his children.
The film takes a huge turn when the family hears a noise in the kitchen these three men are waiting for them(above)now what happens next is not for everyone and as a reviewer I was disturbed by a great number of things, however they cannot sugar coat something like this folks-this does not end well for anyone involved in this film and some more than others.
There are many films being made of all types but one of the bigger types of films being made are "Found footage film" stories the one that kicked this all off was "The Blair Witch" but this takes a total twist when the family filming innocent video are taken over by these brutes and they start filming their own take on the matter.
Shooting the birthday boy, raping the mother, burning a swastika on the older boys face, smashing the fathers face in with the video camera.
This was one of the harder films of late that I have had troubles viewing but the subject matter is brutal and there would be something wrong with me if it did not bother me, it's like a car accident you can't turn away also I have been meaning to watch this film for sometime.
While this was hard to watch and the subject matter hard to stomach I would fight for the filmmakers rights to make this film for art needs to be expressed as it was intended not censored at all.

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