Thursday, October 31, 2013

Magical Music: Hilary Grist & Pigeon Park Vancouver's Own Debut NEW Videos!!

There is a great thing about doing this music video segment of the blog as where people may be unsure as to what listen too as most of what is posted here is Heavy Metal well, I assure you that will change as I am being hit up for reviews of so many other artists of varying sounds and genres.

Most recently Hilary Grist from Maple Ridge  currently living in Vancouver with her husband Mike has released a rocking tune entitled "Waltzing Matlida" this is of course not the typical standard for what the title is known for-here is her different sounding song(video)

Hilary Grist-Waltzing Matilda(Directed by Mike Southworth)

Sadly for fans of Hilary she will not have any new music out until possibly the fall of 2014, but will keep you posted if she lets me know of anything before that time.

Onto another band from Vancouver that just released their new video today for "Feel The Rain"

Pigeon Park-Feel The Rain Video

Picture above is from the video shoot earlier this month.

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Anthony Nadeau

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