Sunday, November 24, 2013

CD Review: Sapiency- Tomorrow(Releases November 26, 2013)Eclipse Records

Intensity and great vocal styling are the strengths of this band for sure. This is some great music the band is tight and the songs are quick and well orchestrated as well.
 Songs like "Hungry Again" & the first single off the album "Free Within" are two of the albums stronger songs-speaking of "Free Within"  here is the video for that song below:

Band's Bio:

One of the band’s highlights so far was the Mega Event 70.000 TONS OF METAL 2012 with CHILDREN OF BODOM, HAMMERFALL, EDGUY, NIGHTWISH, ANNIHILATOR, AMORPHIS, CANNIBAL CORPSE, KATAKLYSM, VENOM, and many more.

Another highlight was the Metalfest Open Air 2012 (Mainstage) at the Loreley

Through their energetic, infectious and convincing live performances they energize any stage and audience. The combination of melodic and aggressive vocals, technically sophisticated drumming and powerful guitar work creates a distinctive unconventional sound, which can only be described with S A P I E N C Y.

Pure aggressive, melodical, modern ass-kicking metal.

I could not agree more this is a great achievement in metal in my eyes and the cover artwork is awesome as well.

There are symphonic parts of the album as well this album is quite diverse in it's sound depeartment "Turn the Tide" will show you what I mean in that regard with a great underlying bass line.

If you are a fan of Heavy Metal then check this band out and let me know what you think of them in the comments below, let your voice be heard.

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