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CD Review:Dog Society-Emerge(Releases November 19, 2013)Working Brilliantly

For me and many people that I know feel that a band is only as good as they are live, for many reasons that could take a while but the most important part is that there are so many tricks one can use in the studio. On stage if one is a true and honest performer you can get that raw edge performance that cannot be captured on record, unless that is recorded live.
(from Band's Bio)

After almost 2 decades, the renown NYC pop rock collective, Dog Society, have returned from a self imposed hiatus to create a long awaited second album that outshines their heralded major label debut, Test Your Own Eyes (East-West / Atlantic Records).  

The vocals are so good on this album and the music is tight earlier this year the band re-grouped and shot a music session on The Sir Session, more on that in a minute, for now here is a segment that ran on Entertainment Tonight the week of Hallowe'en.

Dog Society on Entertainment Tonight's Music Minute

I was sent a copy of their new album in the mail so I have the honor of having an actual copy of the album along with some pics etc of the band.

For "The Sir Sessions" there is a link that I am allowed to share with you good folks here at the request of Working Brilliantly.

Dog Society Stream The Sir Session(LIVE Recording)

The members of Dog Society met at SIR rehearsal studios in New York City in late January and wanted to document this acoustic rehearsal to commemorate and celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first release on EastWest/ Atlantic Records entitled “Test Your Own Eyes”. What you hear is LIVE.


released 01 April 2013
Brian Schnaak - Vocals + Shruti Box
Rich Guerzon - Bass + Vocals
Joe Ranieri - Drums + Percussion
Bruce Erik Brauer - Guitars + Vocals 

Now for me this is where the band really shows their strength the album Emerge is great but the songs the do for The Sir Session are fantastic and have some fantastic songs that still hold up 20 years later.

Here is one song(below)that they recorded on this album that appears on the Emerge album as well, here is the video:

They have such a nice range of music and the vocals and the music are such a wonderful mix, nice to have them back--look forward to hearing more from this band.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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