Saturday, November 9, 2013

EP Review: Inhale The Fall(Released 2012)

So I got this message August 5th and am finally reviewing  their music.

Hi Anthony, I just recently found your blog while looking for reviews, and Im writing to ask you if you would be interested in reviewing Inhale The Fall's latest EP or music video? As we are an independent band, any help with promotion would be very much appreciated. 

I like the song and the twisted music video that goes along with it -I see the original copyright is 1996 is that how long you folks have been together or is that the date of the video production company?l Also thank you for sending it my way and I will have a listen to it sometime soon have some other reviews to get to but yes will help the band out by some promotion etc and you are all from Ireland?

The song Weak is originally by Skunk Anansie, BMG has owned the copyright from 96. We are together since early 2012. We are all living in Ireland and one of our guitarists is from Slovakia. I am going to update our website later today with details of the new drummer and 2nd guitarist. Thanks for having a listen and I appreciate the time taken to review all the music you get sent.

Eibhlin Palfrey(above)is the one that contacted me and I am thankful for her comments and sending me their music as I did enjoy it and here(below)is their music video.

I feel that if the mix was better and the bass and drums were highlighted better this would be a better sounding album that is the ONLY reason for a lower rating as I did enjoy the overall sound just thought the recording on Weak was poor.

They show they have something I just hope when they record their first album they can get someone behind them that can help them capture their sound better, love the vocals reminds me of National Velvet(the rock band)

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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