Thursday, November 7, 2013

Full Moon Movie Reviews: Unlucky Charms-They're Magically Malicious!(Available Now)

Story Synopsis
Five beautiful girls vie for a chance to become the spokesmodel for diva DeeDee DeVille's (Jeryl Prescott from "The Walking Dead") new high-end line of lingerie. The claws come out when the competition gets fierce, but when they begin to disappear one by one, they soon find that they are competing for their lives. DeeDee invokes four mythical beings - The Cyclops, The Banshee, The Hobgoblin and the mischievous, red leprechaun, Farr Darrig - from an ancient charm bracelet to steal the girls' souls, but the creatures from the underworld have plans of their own. Whomever wields the power of these UNLUCKY CHARMS beware. They're magically malicious! 

The step into the next foray of filmmaking comes Unlucky Charms when the film is really about some lost charms that have powers that some creatures of the past are searching for , but this gets lost in the battle of the beauties and their breasts.
They are all very pretty women but the film ends up being about the beauty of one woman and her desire to remain young even though she really is older and the charms give her that power at the demise of one of the young women for their souls are a strength for her younger self. This of course starts to work against her in the end as that is not what they are intended for.
Mcgregor(Mike Diva)is sent by the group of elders to find the charms but is unsuccessful and so they appear to assist in the search.
This could have been a lot better the creatures were dull looking and there was no real creepiness at all, this was a disappointment for me but I did not hate it just wish it was better is all.
They have a cereal for a "Limited Time" only available at only

Probably the best part is the tagline for the film.

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