Thursday, November 28, 2013

Independent Film Reviews: Wild Girl Waltz(2012)Levrock Pictures

There are those films that you sometimes watch and you are unsure of what the film is really about, but know if you hang around long enough you might just figure it out. This however is not a film that you have to worry about storyline etc as this is a "hang out" film or a  day in the life of three close friends.
We open with Angie(Christina Shipp) on a stroll and two jerks drive by and throw a milkshake on her, she then calls her friend Tara(Samantha Steinmetz)to pick her up.
After washing up Angie & Tara endulge in some pills that Tara's co-worker gave her -they have some random fun of their own, not at anyone's expense they just stay at the house and hang out.
From the personal note that Writer, Producer & Director Mark Lewis sent me with the DVD/Blu-Ray films was that they shot the film in eight days at the cost of $10,000. As far as I am concerned this is a much better film than most of what I have seen this year-the work these three actors are doing is some great work sometimes unstable but that is just the characters speaking.
I really felt I was watching three close friends just hanging out not having an agenda, just hanging out we rarely see this kind of cinema any longer--rare talent that can make any scene work and the closeness I felt these three characters had, well just shows how good the writing/directing is at eight days? wow cannot wait to see what Mark does next.

I have watched a massive amount of films in my life thus far and this just seemed to be so easy for everyone involved and am thankful that I was contacted and asked to review this film, Bravo to everyone involved.

Here is the blooper reel below:

Then here is the trailer for the film:
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