Friday, November 15, 2013

Little Shop of Movies Review: Man of Steel & White House Down(Available Now!)

Man of Steel is one of those films that makes you believe anything is possible and that try as you may there are those that will be there to knock you down but as they say get right back up and do it again, keep trying & doing. Giving into them only gives them more power--WOW what a film folks!
If you have read or heard others opinions on this film as I have and they were all saying how great it was --well they were right. This works for so many reasons that a majority of big studio films do not is the strength of characters that are so iconic and heroic that as I write this I am listening  to the soundtrack of the film that I won earlier this year.
Henry Cavill fits the suit well and has the Christopher Reeves approach for the Man of Steel less is more and does he do a fantastic job.

Below is something out of the ordinary is that Film Composer Hans Zimmer had 12 of the worlds best session drummers as a part of the score including Jim Keltner(Travelling Wilburys) & Shelia.E(Prince)to name a few and below shows you how they set all that up.

The music and the editing of this film serves a very ultimate source behind the excitement of this film.This for me is quite easily one of the best films of the year and even though there are those that hated this film I am not one of those.
The amount of destruction is the only really major gripe I might have with the film as the battle scenes are fierce and fast--light speed fast and bringing a ton of damage anywhere Superman battles.
If you noticed that I have not really mentioned the storyline of the film that is because I know that those of you out there that like Superman will know his tale and those that don't will once you watch the film.
Below is a video tribute to the Man of Steel as this year marks his 75th Anniversary and this is something you can see on the Special Features part of the disc as well.

I will have this on my "Best Of" list for this year-keep watching as it will be near the end of next month.

Now onto one of the worst films, worst story lines and worst action films of all time. This works as nothing this was one of the most predicable films  I have seen this year and one of the biggest flag waving American propaganda films ever.
Where "Olympus Has Fallen" worked this film fails and has soo many references to "Die Hard" it was becoming obvious that this was nothing new, fresh or even slightly original-just the events have changed somewhat.
Our lead character is of course at odds with his ex-wife and their daughter really wants nothing to do with him-he also misses all her reports and special events at school, typical Hollywood Dad syndrome here.
They are at The White House for a tour and the President shows up to welcome his guests and wants the people to enjoy their visit.
Of course there are those that have better plans for the tourists and they take over the White House-there that allows our hero to take off his shirt and of course have a muscle shirt underneath it-white also!Just like John McClain.

For me this was just a bad attempt to make another bad action film seem to be getting more of these and less of the good ones.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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