Monday, November 25, 2013

Movie Review: Big Ass Spider!(Epic Pictures)Releases January 7th, 2014 on DVD/Blu-Ray

So let me set this straight if you have ever watched "Tremors" or "Eight Legged Freaks" and enjoyed them then most likely you will enjoy this as well.
Right from the word go there is action and then we are sent back to the beginning "12 Hours Earlier".
This is great tongue in cheek film making they even thank Lloyd Kaufman and kill him off in a scene. If you do not know who that man is then you do not deserve to watch this film, I am sorry for your loss.

On with the story already! There is something bad that is happening in our cities morgue as there is a deadly spider that is growing expediently and can grow up to three times its current size.The army takes over the hospital and shuts it down after patients are being killed.
Our local pest exterminator gets some unlikely assistance from the local guard in the hospital. With some great one liners when in the morgue. They take on this mega-bug with a big sigh and lots of ammo. That is one Big Ass Spider after all.

There are war planes that try to shoot this bug down but it not going down without a fight first. All the bug spray in this town will not take this one down. This has the great elements of a classic bug movie and one of the best scenes is when they are trying to capture the spider(when it is smaller)and a coin is tossed towards the spider and it catches and takes it-well now the fight is on.
The worst damage you can do to a film of this cheesiness is take it seriously.

With a title of the movie like this one I could not resist and ask the studio if I could review it and they gave me the honor of doing so and I enjoyed this film so much and was so much fun, also
I am going to review more films for Epic Pictures!! 
I thank them sincerely for allowing me to do so.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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