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Vancouver Short Film Festival November 15 & 16: Saturdays Event It Happen After Dark Reviews

This will be the last of the festival as it comes to a close after the final film people will be allowed to stay after for the awards ceremonies and for some food and refreshments.

Once again this mark * will tell you that I was unable to view this film prior to the event, but the good news is I have been able to attend this certain screening from the kind folks at The Vancouver Short Film Festival-hope to meet anyone that is there that night.

Saturday November 16th - 7:30pm - It Happens After 


          ...brings horror, dark comedy and drama that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Sleep | Director: James Penco | 14:32 | Dark Comedy
At a night-time art auction so boring that it puts insomniacs to sleep, a young man named Horace is waiting patiently to propose to the girl of his dreams. But when the dead body of an artist turns up, asleep, in the audience, Horace’s plans go awry, and he might end up with a different night than he was expecting, in this rather absurd black comedy.
This is an odd film but enough black comedy to keep you interested in it and the story keeps you guessing what will happen next.

*Stricken | Director: Eron Carruth | 6:02 | Horror
A series of chance encounters set in motion a tragic romance with love and death in the balance as a mysterious outbreak begins turning people into ravenous monsters. "Stricken" was awarded "Best Picture" at the 2012 Dead on Film Festival.

Til Death | Director: Connor Gaston | 11:50 | Drama/Mystery
A modern day fairytale about a young boy who loses his soul mate and sets out to bring her back to life.
I really enjoyed this little film and some of the backdrops as the boy/girl while they are on their bikes is beautifully shot. Also the timeless story of love is demonstrated beautifully through the performances of the young actors.

Rocketship Misfits | Director: Matt McInnis | 12:07 |Science Fiction/Drama/Adventure
When he was 22 years old, Lee Brandon was sent to jail for online theft. 3 years later, he is released on parole and ordered to find a job and stay away from all computers. But when Lee meets Zoe, a local college student, he is dangerously tempted. Zoe needs someone who can format computers for a huge science competition and she wants Lee to do it. Struggling to keep his criminal past hidden, Lee finds himself competing in a nationwide contest to develop a space shuttle prototype with a group of college students. As he grows closer to his teammates, especially Zoe, the truth becomes harder for him to hide and Lee must decide between his dreams and what he knows is right.
I enjoyed where this was going and hoped it might be a little longer to see what happens with the characters and what he does but maybe part 2?
CORVUS | Director: Darcy Van Poelgeest | 10:20 | Drama/Supernatural Noir
CORVUS follows an extraordinary detective as he pieces together a young woman's murder. The crime reveals itself in a series of moments that allow the detective to see beyond the facts, into the story with a strange sense of familiarity.
This is easily one of my favorites of the films I have had the pleasure of viewing as the Detective tries to string the murder scene together there are many unanswered questions in regards to all of what happened.
Why not purchase your tickets below and come celebrate the Short Films with me and the others that night!

So after all that excitement you might want some refreshments while watching the ...

Awards Ceremony and Closing Night Reception - 9:00pm - Vancity Atrium

Come join us in the Atrium for the awards ceremony and stay after to enjoy some drinks and nibbles provided by Nuba!

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