Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vancouver Short Film Festival November 15 & 16: Saturdays Hope & Renewal Reviews

Like many film lovers I am always open for new exploration into different fields and different ways of expression these films definitely fall into that  and express  points of view while keeping the viewer engaged.
(Once again for the films I was unable to view prior to watching these films will be marked as such before the title *

Saturday, Nov 16, 5 PM - Hope and Renewal celebrates the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. 

A Wish Where The Wind Once Blew | Director: Stuart Gillies | 8:16 | Narrative fiction
A Wish Where The Wind Once Blew is a fairytale, which aims to teach a fairy the meaning of a world where the wind did once blow. The journey leads her into a world where the complexities of life are broken down into their simplest form.

Next to Floodplain this is my favorite film thus far It has an amazing narrative and some wonderful shots hopefully you can catch this film I believe you will enjoy it.

*Kimchi Fried Dumplings | Director: Jason Karman | 14:13 | Drama
An Asian Canadian man comes home with a new boyfriend for Christmas to find his younger brother, who is also gay, resentful for being left to care for their aging parents.

Reactor | Director: Ian MacKenzie | 34:00 | Documentary
In April 2012, Yogi, Buddhist teacher and activist Michael Stone arrives on a pilgrimage to Japan in the wake of the tsunami and Fukushima meltdown to learn how the Japanese are responding to the crisis. Michael speaks with local residents, artists, activists, and researchers about life in the aftermath and reflects on the old Zen traditions and cities of beautiful temples. How we can embody the Bodhisattva vow in this time?

This is an amazing piece of work and the thoughts about nuclear and peace within ourselves and throughout the world is captivating and thought provoking and I am thankful that I was able to see this film.

Backward Fall | Director: Andrew Pollins | 10:14 | Drama
June is afflicted with dementia, and is falling backward through her life. As she slips in and out of her younger selves she no longer recognizes her devoted husband, George. When June's dementia propels her to a dangerously irrational runaway attempt, George must take the backward fall with her to protect the woman he loves and keep their love alive.

This is a beautiful little film that shows what love is capable of and the performances are quite good considering a good portion of the film the actors are not speaking more their body language and those of us that have felt the power of love will certainly understand this one.

I have copied the writeups of the films from The Vancouver Short Film Festival's Website

They also have a You Tube page where there are some of the trailers for the films coming up next weekend.

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