Saturday, December 7, 2013

EP Review: Echo Hill-Namaste (Released July 2013)

Bands Bio:

Echo Hill is a four piece eclectic rock group based out of Smithtown, NY. Their unique sound ranges from crushing, emphatic guitar driven rock n’ roll to ambient and soulful pop. The bands authentic lyrics, tuneful melodies and pounding rhythm section has been described as a breath of fresh air in a time that lacks genuine rock music.
I once again had been contacted by the band through email(a few of them)and had been meaning to get to it and things and life get in the way sometimes. I am getting better at getting better but that might take sometime.
On the Music Submit page when I accept a band/musician it also states that it may take sometime to get around to reviewing,  but
 will get to it eventually.
....sorry on  to the review....

All that previous chatter does not escape the fact that I really like this bands sound, this is almost like aged wine in the sense I was contacted in August about them, the vocals are strong great guitar basslines and the drums are great too, they should be proud.
I LOVE the music and the vocals in "Hey Love" if you don't trust me then check them out below on their Bandcamp page.

                                   Echo Hill on Bandcamp

Below is the band playing the EP live and clearly shows there was little to no overdubs in the studio except the vocals.

Below they do a cover of Led Zeppelins Whole Lotta Love

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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