Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Wolf of Wall Street(Available Now)

From Travis Bickle(Taxi Driver) to  Henry Hill(Goodfellas) and even Jake Lamotta(Raging Bull) the character's that Martin Scorsese is so gifted in telling their troubled lives and yet enveloping us in the gritty world of the mafia or a cab drivers life is seldom done with as much as expertise (or ease for that matter)in the telling of Jordan Belfort(Leonardo DiCaprio) this man is a wolf and this masterful storytelling that is visually striking where DiCaprio overacted in two of this years overdone films(Django Unchained & The Great Gatsby), this is more a tale of wreckless greed and wealth.

Through a good number of the shots are Belfort telling us of his tricks of the trade of how he stole so much money from clients to line his own pockets and did a masterful job at it as well.
Early on in the film he is introduced to this lavish lifestyle by Mark Hanna(Mathew McConaughey)who pounds his chest in a rhythm that is very animalistic and almost tribal after snorting some cocaine they have lunch and therine starts the onslaught of our lead character.
The gift most of all of this film is the seamless editing that is Thelma Schoonmaker who has worked with Mr Scorsese on so many countless films of his and he is still one of the few directors that still oversees every cut for the film he and Thelma work many hours together getting the scenes just right, she is a master of her craft with her editing every single one of his films since Raging Bull(1980).
Won Editing Awards at The Oscars for Raging Bull(1980)
The Aviator(2004) & The Departed(2006).

Jordan Belfort lived life like a Rock Star and crashed fast & furious with those around him leaving him when things got tough, there is no sheep's clothing in this story at all this is cutthroat stuff brutal and honest as only Scorsese can tell, he would never tell a story that was easy to swallow. It is not that he likes controversy however the idea of making this film was pushed onto him by Di Caprio.

It is also not that Mr Belfort is an interesting person, he is quite the scumbag but the way in which all of this is told is what makes it an interesting story.The film is based on the book written by Mr Jordan Belfort.

I was given the honor of receiving the DVD in the mail in December as a "For Your Consideration"  recipient and feel honored to have watched this film that clocks in at three hours but what a masterful told story and one of the best of the year for sure!

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Anthony Nadeau

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