Thursday, December 5, 2013

MTI Home Video Movie Reviews: Home Invasion(December 3, 2013)

The story was strong the actors not so much.
The story starts with a mother and child at the beach they start to approach the waters and then the daughter freezes as it turns out she is unable to swim.

The story has a decent premise and this is nothing new nor fresh here-the difference maker here is the mother defending herself and her child.She shoots one of the intruders there then causes the start of our problems.

What starts out strong quickly becomes tired and one of the worst acted films I have seen in many a year. No-one seems really involved in anything and cannot make us care about any of the characters everything is dull and poorly orchestrated.
Because the one intruder was her boyfriend/fiance Haylie Duff wants revenge on her so the best way to her is through her child so Jade/Megan is all of a sudden a swim instructor and offers to teach her soon to be adopted daughter.
Of course our villains cannot see eye to eye on things and there is some conflict.
C. Thomas Howell does the best he can as the tough guy but there really is so little for him to do in this film really it seems kind of pointless to have him here. To not use a well known star better than he was here is a shame.
The fights ensue and people are hurt, even killed but this is a television movie I found out after the fact.
There really is no due justice in these types of films and the Fatal Attraction type of film is really really tiring-this is at the top of the pile.
Please note: I am not into trashing anything whether it be a movie etc but I have been lacking in getting reviews done for some places and this is the one I watched this time and I did not care for it.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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