Friday, January 31, 2014

CD Review: Black Space Riders-D : REI(Released January 24th, 2014)Clawhammer PR

Track list:
Stare at the Water
Bang Boom War (Outside my Head)
Rising from the Ashes of our World
Give Gravitation to the People
Way to Me
Temper is Rising
The GOD-survivor
I see
Space Angel (Memitim)
Major Tom Waits
Letter to a Young One
The Everlasting Circle of Infinity

JE: Lead vocals, guitars, melodies, riffs, words
SEB: Lead vocals, melodies, words
CRIP: Drums, vocals, additional songwriting
SLI: Guitars, additional songwriting
SAQ: Bass guitar, additional songwriting

This is the last day of the first month of the year and if this amount of great music continues to come out this year then this will be a great year.
I cannot get over how masterful and classic this album sounds the amount of diversity on just one song is incredible and that one song that really stands out for me in that respect is "Rising From The Ashes of our World" the contstant cord changes and tempos , it starts out really slow and BOOMING and then gets more awesome as the song progresses.
I had their video on one of my Friday Night Videos episodes about two weeks ago I think, here it is here if you missed it.

This is easily one of my favorite new bands around this album is magnificent from start to finish and if you like this style of Heavy Metal than I suggest you have a listen here and pay attention to them.

Bands Bio:

On the new opus BLACK SPACE RIDERS are even more colorful, louder, softer, harder, atmospheric, gripping, and above all exalted! D:REI is an exciting journey through rock, metal and psychedelia; the soundtrack to your very own sci-fi epic. The riffs are heavy, inspiring and enduring. The songwriting is classic, the arrangements full of devotion. The two lead vocalists play off each other without seam, interlocking and assuring that the music will lodge in your memory. D:REI is groovy! Sometimes slowly dooming, sometimes oppressively rocking, then irresistibly funky...and suddenly you are dancing around the warp core. And it is all wrapped up in a sound that is natural, transparent, open, yet powerful, and elegant, as it timelessly circumnavigates the retro-trap

If you give this band a try there is a good chance you will like what you hear, there is always a chance to like another band that you might not have heard of 90% of the bands that come across my desk I have never heard but given the chance they can find new fans--they have one with me for sure. Thanks for the great music guys my honor to hear it and review it.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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