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CD Review: Monte Pittman-The Power Of Three(Released January 21st, 2014)Metal Blade Records

(From Band's Bio)

Artist Cam Rackam created the artwork for the cover of The Power of Three. The piece features a portrait of Charon, the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. This represents Monte's musical journey from what he has done before and where he is now with The Power of Three and beyond. The iTunes single and first track released to fans from the album, ‘A Dark Horse’, features artwork created by Gustav Klimt (used with kind permission) titled 'The Golden Knight (Life Is A Struggle)'. It is a textured, symbolic painting which tells a similar story as the music does.

This is a great album with great guitar riffs and rock beats that are unquestionably some of the most enjoyable in recent memory "Everything's Undone" sounds like a mix between Foo Fighters and Kings X.
The power processed in this album is great as they seeked the help of Flemming Rasmussen the producer that was behind Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" one of the best metal albums of all time.
"Missing" is easily my favorite track on the album next to the first single and video played below:
"Before The Mourning Son"

Monte would move from his home in Texas to his new home of L.A. at the young age of 24 he  started working at a music store. Soon realizing he was a better teacher than someone that can sell something he went into teaching guitar. One of his first students was filmmaker Guy Ritchie who was dating Madonna at the time and later was introduced to her and was asked to accompany her on the David Letterman show to promote her new album 'Music"
Since that one night Monte has gone onto play on all of Madonna's tours and albums since. This all started since her 2001 Drowned World Tour, also shares some writing credits on some of the songs.

Here is Monte with Madonna on Letterman:

So that was posted for all the Heavy Metal haters out there that think people that play or listen to Heavy Metal are one trick ponies and cannot play or listen to anything else.

I am thrilled to have this album and more than that its great that there is such great music still being made out there and that is so diverse some real jazz breaks in some of the songs as well as some blues but have to have your ears open to hear them.

I love the first few bits of the album and also the few seconds at the end of the album as they have a what sounds like an old record playing at first-with the scratches in it and all.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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