Friday, January 31, 2014

CD Review: Piqued Jacks-Just A Machine(Released January 21st 2014)Working Brilliantly

The picture seen above is from my desk just showing what the fine people of Working Brilliantly sent me for the release of this album by this energetic band called "Piqued Jacks".
Listed on the envelope as a Rock, Alternative, Funk band this is in fact a very enjoyable album and they music is tireless.
The strong songwriting and grooves are to be applauded wish them great success in future.
The video above is fun and creative.

(Bands Bio)
In August of 2012, after contacting Grammy Nominated producer Brian Lanese and being invited to come and record their EP with him, the band began their American odyssey, landing in a hotel by the Hollywood Chinese Theater. They recorded 6 songs at breakneck speed. The resulting EP is titled Just a Machine; A moody and muscular record with flickering funk guitar mingling with carnal rock.
After acquiring a manager shortly after, they decided to move the entire outfit from Italy to Austin, TX and are now all officially Austin transplants.
All in all this is a great little record and if you like Alternative music you should find it and buy it.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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