Thursday, January 23, 2014

Epic Pictures Movie Review: I Will Follow You Into The Dark(Into The Dark) Available On Dvd January 28th, 2014

This film was intitally given the title of "Into The Dark" but then it was released as a love story so the original poster was put aside, looking more like a full fledged horror film when the film is so much more than that and much more than your standard love story as well.
The story is simple Sophia(Mischa Barton) has in just six months has lost both of her parents and then falls quite quickly for Adam(Ryan Eggold) and they are so good for each other in so many ways-he treats her well one of the better male characters I have seen on screen in sometime, his gentleness with her being so scarred from losing her parents and some other issues like fear of heights are handled warmly and thoughtful.
Sophia is a gentle soul and she is played wonderfully by Mischa Barton(The O.C.) this is my first time seeing her in anything and her eyes are so convincing as is her pain.
The romance ensues and when Sophia has a bad experience at home by herself -she calls Adam and he invites her over to spend the night. The scenes are done well as an adult romance not your standard formula romance in movies today, this is real engaging stuff. Think "Ghost" with a more intelligent story and better acting.
Now getting into the darker aspect of the film is when Adam goes missing there is blood on the sheets of the bed and when Sophia and Adams roommate go looking for him there is a trail to the elevator with a bloody fingerprint on the button to the top floor.
There are some really good scenes of classic horror here where there are no real monsters or demons per say but instead an uncertanty of what is beyond the world we know, is there life after death? Also is Adam dead? Or Sophia for that matter?
I really enjoyed this film a ton more than I ever thought I would I applaud the filmmakers for standing out and taking a chance and just making a standard horror film, where there is no gore but more than anything a strong story with interesting charcters, bravo.

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Anthony Nadeau

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