Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night Music Videos for January 17th, 2014

This week we have music from Black Space Riders , Monte Pittman A Fallen Fate Teaser Video for the video coming soon and some others we shall find along the way.

From Clawhammer PR:

German extraterrestrial heavy rockers BLACK SPACE RIDERS are proud to announce the January 24th release of third album D:REI on the band’s own BSR label with distribution through Cargo.
On the new opus BLACK SPACE RIDERS are even more colorful, louder, softer, harder, atmospheric, gripping, and above all exalted! D:REI is an exciting journey through rock, metal and psychedelia; the soundtrack to your very own sci-fi epic. The riffs are heavy, inspiring and enduring. The songwriting is classic, the arrangements full of devotion. The two lead vocalists play off each other without seam, interlocking and assuring that the music will lodge in your memory. D:REI is groovy! Sometimes slowly dooming, sometimes oppressively rocking, then irresistibly funky...and suddenly you are dancing around the warp core. And it is all wrapped up in a sound that is natural, transparent, open, yet powerful, and elegant, as it timelessly circumnavigates the retro-trap

From Metal Blade Records:

A year after Monte Pittman (guitars & vocals), Kane Ritchotte (drums), and Max Whipple (bass) boarded a plane to Copenhagen, Denmark to begin recordingThe Power of Three—the upcoming full-length album from award winning, chart topping guitarist Monte Pittman—the album is finally ready for the world to hear and has been set for release in North America on January 21, 2014 through Metal Blade Records. The Power of Three showcases Monte’s return to his metal roots and saw the band teaming up with none other than Flemming Rasmussen, famous for Metallica’s seminal album ‘Master Of Puppets’, who produced the album with mastering duties being handled by Alan Douches at West West Side Mastering. The Power Of Three, which is hard and heavy and follows on from Monte’s highly successful, critically acclaimed second album ‘Pain, Love & Destiny’, which reached number one in both the rock and pop charts.

From Future PR:
With the release of ‘Into the Black’ only a couple of weeks away, Fallen Fate are working hard behind the scenes and have now delivered a video trailer for track ‘I Welcome the Dead’.

The 30 second teaser taken from the track’s impending official video features the band at their best with the spotlight on their punishing performance, but keep an eye out for the eerie, intermittent clips of Vespa, the girl at the heart of ‘Into the Black’s concept…

From Century Media Records:

Plagues of Babylon is the eleventh studio album by the American heavy metal band Iced Earth. Released in January 2014, the album is the group's first studio release with bassist Luke Appleton and the only with drummer Raphael Saini who was a guest on the album. According to rhythm guitarist and band leader Jon Schaffer, half of the album is focused on his "Something Wicked" concept, while the other half are stand alone songs.(Wikipedia)

 Behemoth and this being of a different band and the album is called "The Satanist" but all in all it is Heavy Metal and trying to cover all of what I can for the labels I review for.
The images might be disturbing for some.

If you would like to request some videos please do so and I will play them for you.

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