Friday, January 17, 2014

Independent Film Reviews: My Name Is A By Anonymous

Call me jaded , call me whatever you like but maybe I missed the boat on this film that is getting amazing reviews around the world for it's filmmaking style, for me there is no style, substance or point for this film.
The film is loosely based on the real story of a 15 year old girl that murders a 9 year old, but getting there is half the battle my god what a painful ride.

Here is the news on this horrific murder.
Dated 2009.

I had asked the people at Mad Sin Cinema for a somewhat look into the film and if it is all based on fact.
Here is their response(please note I did not include all that was said).

Well, it's based on a real 15 year old girl named Alyssa who was convicted of murdering a real 9 year old girl named Elizabeth. Here's some info on the real story(some You Tube videos).....But the real case is just a basis for the film, many things are made up. But many things are definitely taken directly from it. And many things were not presented to the public which is where many of the ideas came from (i.e. the girl may have had personality disorders, definitely was on high dosages of prozac which cause violent tendencies - though that wasn't brought up in the film.....I don't want to give away certain things, it's open for interpretation, but many people who know nothing of the case will be the ones who see the film.
I have seen so many films in my life and this is easily one of the most pointless I have ever seen. 
The camera work is so  annoying for it's constant shots out of focus and the framing all over the place, and yes I realize a good number of the shots were from the young women's perspective of their cell phone camera. I love Independent film and the filmmakers and the efforts that it takes to make a film etc but this was absolutely painful to endure. Sorry to be so blunt and seem rude about it but I found no redeeming qualities of this film, not that a film should redeem itself but have a narrative that keeps your attention.

I wish I had some encouraging words to say but the few  shots of the young bulimic woman that forced herself to vomit and once even adding to her collection of vomit stored in jars, just remembering that scene is bothersome, call that entertainment?
Then insert a young woman singing for 5 minutes for no apparent reason as just a filler?

My time is worth more than watching some young punks treating each other like crap and doing nothing of any reasons and talking trash, this reminds me of the film "Kids" and the same effect of just doing things for shock value and nothing more, yes I did not like Kids either.I did watch the entire film and I felt ripped off of my time.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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