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Independent Film Reviews: Picture Palace With Digital Dreams

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There was a many good nights at the Hollywood Theatre in Vancouver BC, Canada by myself and many members of my family and the community of Kitsilano. The efforts of Lawrence Lannoo and his crew show the love by many and the family that has owned this fine theatre for 75 years.

Copyright Venus Probe Productions - 2014
Upon receiving the film from Lawrence I have talked to him a few times on Facebook(he lives in Winnipeg now) and so I asked him for some shots that I could use for the review he sent the pictures that you see on here. He then told me somethings about the production of the film.
I had thanked him for the pictures and told him they should work fine for the review:

"Thanks--I was a one-man crew and did not get as many.portraits as I would have liked".

Oh good to know that you were a one man crew also how long did it all take to shoot, edit and get done?

Started shooting in the Spring of 2009--was at the Hollywood every second weekend for months--shot till Christmas of 2010--Came back to Winnipeg and edited it off and on over a three-year period. Biggest obstacle, as always, was money--money for editing software and equipment in particular slowed down the process as I had to work off my expenses. When theatre was sold, the need to complete the film for the family and the patrons grew exponentially. --It was no longer just a personal labour of love: I really loved that old theater and the history it embodied and but now the people of Kitsilano were making their feelings known. I also have a personal commitment against fiscal policies that kill sources of historic value, and the Harmonized Sales Tax was just such a policy.
Copyright Venus Probe Productions - 2014
I lived in Vancouver-Point Grey for 13 years and was at this theatre almost weekly and I thank Lawrence for this tribute to a great theatre and the family that owned it for so long.

There is a DVD that is available but when it will be available to the public is unsure, so if you like the Facebook page for the film then when it is available they will let you know there.


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