Thursday, January 2, 2014

Music Submit-- Where The Music Comes To You

The CDs seen above are from Musicians that have taken the time to send me their work/bios/posters etc and for that I thank them for their patience in all of this.

I had signed up with Music Submit not knowing what to expect, this is a platform for musicians to submit their music for radio play or in this case music reviews. I have since been sent over 40 artists since October of last year, this is great as the artists are either truly Independent or wanting to push their music that much further.
As of today I have yet to review one band of the artists that I have received there lies the reason mostly for this article to explain that in the letter that I have on their site I state that I will review it be in that there is only myself doing all of this it may take sometime but now I am terribly behind and will have to find a way to get the artists reviewed none the less.
The first band that was submitted to me was Thornwill(above)from Budapest and that review will be up in the next day or so.
For me it is exciting to have all this music to review for there is never too little for me to listen the big time consumer is not the listening it is getting the info on the band and their pictures and what best to use to help promote them-I am more for giving you the reader the information on a band and their music than a 100% review oriented article everyone does that, I have always been about the info.

The bands come from far and wide of course there are a great number of bands from North America but bands like this one from Budapest and there are others from Portugal, Australia , Poland, Minsk Belarus  also there was some artists that had some Christmas music that I never got around to pushing so that also will be coming up soon, as we are still somewhat under the Holidays (per say).
I applaud Music Submit for allowing musicians to have a place to send their music and I thank all the artists that have sent their music my way either by Music Submit or the few that have sent their music my way the old fashioned way.

If you are a musician and have limited funds for releasing an album or have your music digitally why not send it their way, or to me and I can help push your music as well.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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