Thursday, February 13, 2014

3 Inches of Blood: Warriors of the Great White North Film Review- Tom MacLeod Film

Having been a fan of this band since their inception I was stoked to hear that this film was out and was honored to be allowed to see it for free to review.

For those of you that have never got the whole Heavy Metal thing then you probably never will, the bands have a elegance of fans that never stop loving the bands and there is a sense of community in the metal scene that is not present in some other forms of music.
They like many other bands on the road sleep in motels and their life is not glamorous at all, not like the pop bands of today - they drive themselves across the country and often are their own roadies throughout this tour across our great country , never bitching always happy to play a show a true dedication to their work and their fans.
I know a good number of people in bands and I know that this is a reality for them as they are just making enough to get back on the road to the next show and get a meal and a place to stay sometimes.
I applaud the filmmakers for not trying to glamorize or falsify any of this and allowing us to tag along with one of the better metal bands in this country or for that matter, the world.
There is a good number of scenes of the band drinking and the same amount of them playing and hanging out being friends -that is one thing none of them has taken for granted is their friendships and for that they are able to remain friends and still be a band together and there seems to be no egos involved in this group at all, thats rare in this society and I am an even bigger fan of this group now and have more respect for them than before.
They are Canadian , they are a band from Vancouver and they play 
awesome Heavy Metal and if you are a fan of the band check this film out as it is worth checking out for sure!
This was the first song I had ever heard from them below.

Here is a tribute song they did for Ronnie James Dio(Rainbow, Black Sabbath, DIO)
I also had the pleasure of having an email interview with Shane Clark back in 2012 he was kind enough to answer my questions for him and  the band and also got to review their last album as it was released on Century Media Records.

Here is the link where you can watch the film or download it.

3 Inches of Blood Film on Vimeo

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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