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CD Review: Cancerous Womb-Born Of A Cancerous Womb(Releases Feb 24th, 2014)Grindscene Records and Rising Nemesis Records

This album is about as brutal as one can get the name of the band is one thing but they back that up with one fierce and brutal album that would make any Slayer or Napalm Death  fan happy with the heaviness of it all.
I was contacted by the lead guitarist Mike Robertson.
"My name is Mike and I am the guitarist of Edinburgh based Death / Grind 4-piece 'Cancerous Womb', and I am contacting you to see if you may be interested in reviewing our debut album 'Born Of A Cancerous Womb" 
Trust me I can sure appreciate all the music being played at break neck speed and it is very fast indeed. Below you can get a taste of it in the video.

As a drummer I always am amazed at the speed in which these drummers play as I never learned to play that fast so for me it is almost a moment when it is hard to believe someone can actually play that fast but they do. This is why I like Rock/Hard  Rock & Heavy Metal the vast majority never use drum tracks etc it is clearly instruments being used and they do in "7 Austrian Basement" this song is lightning fast.
This will not disappoint dark Heavy Metal fans I can appreciate it for what it is and that is some really fast, dark speed metal.

Cancerous Womb was the brainchild of guitarist Mike, originally conceived as an online instrumental project in 2005, which never actually materialised. Between '06 & '07, Mike & close friend Chris Lewis (vocals) recorded a number of rough tracks which included ideas and titles that would later evolve into the first full tracks written and performed as a band. After releasing these initial fledgling recordings online it was then decided that things should be taken more seriously. Cancerous Womb was officially born during the latter stages of 2008 when Mike and Chris recruited Paul Cook on drums to facilitate the new live direction. Since then we've been writing and 'perfecting' our current setlist whilst gigging/touring modestly. The final addition was adding Joe Mortimer on Bass in Autumn 2011.Our debut album 'Born Of A Cancerous Womb' is to be released on February 24th 2014 on both Grindscene Records & Rising Nemesis Records. Recorded @ Chambers Studio, Edinburgh and mastered by Allan Douches @ West West Side Studios, New York.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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