Friday, February 21, 2014

CD Review: Dinner Music For The Gods-Beautiful & Treacherous(Releases Feb 24th)Self Released Promotion from Clawhammer PR

Beautiful and Treacherous from Las Vegas heavy hitting instrumentalists DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS is out now on Tunecore, iTunes, Amazon, and other digital retailers. The CD version will be released February 24.

Beautifully orchestrated Progressive Rock music is what you get from a diverse band such as this, the spectrum of sounds and depth of the overall music and the amazing skill proven track after track of excellent musicianship is quite an honor to hear.
There are no vocals the guitar work does the singing here with this group and what a group they are. The complex signatures they play even in breaks in "Sofia" and others but they also master this skill live as shown in the video below:

While this one kind of repeats the patterns throughout the song this is still a good one.

Band's Bio:

DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS’ sound is a sonic fusion of Metal, Jazz, and World music - driving, melodic, and exotic. Darrin Pappa and Andy Heilman bring a dual guitar attack reminiscent of some of the best Classic Metal from the 80s and mix it up with elements of gypsy flamenco. The rhythm section is comprised of Jimmy Pappa on bass and Matt Muntean on drums. Coupled with technique, energy and taste, Matt and Jimmy’s melodic styles do more than just hold up the rhythm. With their wide range of musical influences they can go from a soft idle jazz groove, to a full metal onslaught!

The link above will show you 5 minutes of their work to give you a better idea of what I speak of and please go out and purchase their music this is another addition to the start of the year that is so wonderful of being able to do this work, I thank all the musicians for their music and the labels that have shared the music with me.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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