Friday, February 7, 2014

CD Review - Dirty Shirt- Freak Show(2013)

God I love what I am able to do here I feel so fortunate to be able to hear all this great music and to be fair if I am not fond of something that album will not appear here as I do not want to take away what the artist(s) have worked so hard on.
That being said the great thing is being able to review for all the labels that I do, but almost one better than that are the artists that contact me directly, like this band from Romania what a pleasure and an amazing piece of music.
The style of music they play is Heavy Metal but with a definite twist and such energy, great stuff indeed.

So for their song "Freak Show" they have two different videos both very creative so I will share the first here which is the lyric video and then below that is the actual video which is also fun.

This is such a diverse amount of music pressed into these tracks and makes me crave more but hopefully they have some new tracks out soon.

From the band:
DIRTY SHIRT is one of the most active and original rock bands in Romania. Its unique style results from the combination of rock/metal with various other musical elements: Romanian folk music, funk, electro, world music, etc.

They have such a unique sound yet have some of the traditional sounds of course for this type of music has a style all it's own.
I am sharing a good number of their music as I am sure that no one is sharing their music or playing it on the radio as they seem to be doing all their own work to get the word out as many musicians seem to do these days.

I also know that the metal community is very supportive of the music scene no matter where the music might come from and what nationality.

This is a band that deserves all the support it gets and I am happy to have been contacted by the band , thanks for the fantastic music what a treat.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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