Thursday, February 6, 2014

CD Review: I Am Duckeye-Husband(2013)

There is a limited number of artists that will make music purely for themselves and say to hell to what others want-this is one of those bands. How do I know that you might ask? Did I ask the band well no I can just tell by the way the music plays out it's creative without having to compromise it's integrity at all. "UNG" is a song here that says all that and is the shortest song I have heard in sometime but there is another song that is shorter than this one.
At the same time let's not take this too serious as they sure don't when their song sings "I Like Boobies" they have a good number of lyrics referring to body parts and that's OK but they seem to have an obsession with male genitalia.
All that being said this is quite the entertaining album and I admire their braveness to make an album like this as this is not mass media kind of music-so my hat's off to them.

I will leave you with their video(below) for "Punching Dicks" and there we have it another mention of body parts, but give it a chance you might like it folks.

Bands Bio from the band's website:

"‘I am Duckeye’", the name, comes from guitarist Classic Matt, when in his childhood he would say the word "duckeye" and point at anything and everything saying "duckeye duckeye" A year later when his brother Sam suggested it would be a great band name, Sean the drummer piped up saying "I am a great band!", and as we only listen to a bit of what he says, the beginning of the moniker was borne. The bass player Jules is thought to be illiterate, yet still very, very sexy. Hence the name "I am Duckeye".

They are an Australian train wreck metal rock band that have been making massive amounts of minus-money in the music industry since 2008.

And how would you best describe Duckeye's style?

 Apart from daggy, you could say spontaneous, ridiculous, over the top, wild, obscure, juvenile, gormless comedy metal performance
interrupted by random crowd participation, heckling, declarations of love and flashing. 
So much flashing... but that is up to you.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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