Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CD Review: Van Canto-Dawn of the Brave(Released Feb 7th, 2014) Napalm Records

Hero Metal A-Cappella

There are certain artists that are so unique and different than what is currently on the music scene here we have a group from Germany that sing what they call Hero Metal A-Cappella which in itself is an amazing sound as you see above there is only a drummer the rest of the sounds are just voices just some great sounds created --would love to see this group live.
They have a great range of vocals that are really a high note for this reviewer as some of what comes across the desk is tiresome and this is fresh.

They do covers as well some 80's songs "The Final Countdown" and "Holding Out For A Hero"  and Black Sabbath's  Paranoid --they also slow things down a bit in their newest video released as well.

"Unholy" is a great song that is of their own devices and vocals I truly suggest this album if you like what you hear here thus far.

Band's Bio:

As a special bonus, more than 200 VAN CANTO fans took part in the choir recordings, and can hear themselves on the new album. Charlie Bauerfeind (BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLOWEEN, etc.) produced the drum recordings. The album was mixed by sound wizard Ronald Prent (MANOWAR, RAMMSTEIN, etc.) at the legendary Wisseloord Studio 2. He gave the A Cappella sound and outstanding and omnipresent dynamic. The artwork is based on superhero concept, and this theme runs as a red thread through the photographs and visual design which was provided by Stefan Heilemann. Once more VAN CANTO shows the scene, that it doesn't need electric guitars to rock!

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