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Friday Night Videos for Feb 14, 2014 This Week: Mantar, Conan, Mind Drop & Others

So here we are with another stretch of  videos , this week will be a larger one than usual as I totally forgot to do last weeks bunch.
Any of the postings will be accompanied by either a write up from the band , their label or PR marketing group-those statements are not written by me, they are used to help promote the band further.

So first video comes from a band called:
Photo By: F3  Studio(Stephen Jensen)

Mind Drop-- Despite borrowing tried-and-true elements of classic Hard Rock and Metal, Mind Drop has created their own Hard Rock assault. In 2009, their single "Light It Up" hit the top 10 on both FMQB's and CMJ charts, reaching #6 on both with 38 and 58 adds, respectively.

After parting ways with their original vocalist, Mind Drop recruited Shauna Lisse in September of 2011, and entered Groovemaster the following April to record their first single with the new lineup, “The Way I Want It”, touring all Summer to support it.

The band will release their new EP in the Fall, in conjunction with LA’s THC: MUSIC, and continue touring throughout the year. 

Next is: Conan--Foehammer

The English CONAN follow the ideals of their namesake and continue their path without compromises. The second album "Blood Eagle" is a Doom Drone Metal monument filled with monolithic riffs, hypnotic melodies, brutal drumming and an archaic atmosphere. Epic hymns (e.g. "Crown of Talons" or "Gravity Chasm") transport the listener directly onto blood-soaked battlefields. "Blood Eagle" has a unique and raw character that will enthrall fans of AHAB, EYEHATEGOD or SUNN O))) with the very first note.
 MESSENGER (UK) is a musical troupe from London formed in the spring of 2012 by Khaled Lowe and Barnaby Maddick. They booked a session with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios that gave birth to their debut album, Illusory Blues: a cosmic ode to the forces of nature and the inevitable cycle of life. To cite musical influences would be futile. The musicians had made their names with bands in scenes as far apart as hardcore punk, black metal, and ambient music. Tonally, one might recall finding oneself in the same "space" occupied by other architects of sound such as Ulver, The Beatles, Swans, or Pink Floyd. But the stream of sound that emanates from the source of Illusory Blues is a heaving mass of organic richness, brimmed with intricate sounds that acknowledge the original fathers of experimentation but look forward in creating something new and unique. They dwell equally in the earthly realm of folk music and in the celestial void of progressive psychedelia, but have chanced upon a sound and an experience that sounds like no other. Rounded off by Daniel Knight and James Leach, the lineup of MESSENGER is now complete, but the journey has just begun.
Their video is only playing right now at Pop Below is the link for it:

Messenger- The Somniloquist

Satans Host-Dichotomy 

Denver Colorado Metal from Hell since 1986! Satan's Host the brain child of Guitar Virtuoso Patrick Evil in league with vocalist Leviathan Thisiren (Harry Conklin, Jag Panzer-Titan Force) released their first album "Metal From Hell" in 1986 with huge underground acclaim and Cult following. After the release of this monument album Satan's Host recorded the famous Bootleg "Midnight Wind" which never got official release, but has been bootlegged along with "Metal from Hell" after it went out of print all over the world for years to come. 

Lay Down Rotten- The Fever

 In march 2013 , LAY DOWN ROTTEN signed to APOSTASY RECORDS, a young and ambitious label. This event made the band even more inspired and in july 2013 they entered Desert Inn Studios once again, to record the new composed songs with a lot of passion. In august the album " DEATHSPELL CATHARSIS " has been completed and now the band looks forward to the release in january 2014.(Feb 2014 in North America)
 Due to the great collaboration with japanese artist Toshihiro Egawa , it was no hard decision to recruit him again to do the artwork for the new album. Right now the band is excited about playing the new songs on stage and present them to a bigger crowd. Several gigs are already confirmed, so you surely have the chance to see the guys live.

You should be prepared for the next killer tunes - take cover and be aware on something big is coming.

Indian-Rhetoric of No.

Chicago’s blackened noise nihilists return to scene with their 4th full length album ‘From All Purity’. On ‘From All Purity’ Indian take their infamously hateful aggression to new levels of despair. Now augmented with an even keener sense of harsh noise, all the trademark elements of Indian’s sound have been refined to reach new lows of powerful and punishing anguish. This is the opposite of easy listening.

Our Last Enemy- 10,000 Headless Horses

 It would be almost too easy to classify Australia's Our Last Enemy as an "industrial metal band." While that's an accurate description of the band, it's oversimplified, since Our Last Enemy
are so much more than the sum of their base parts. Our Last Enemy make music that's akin to a soundtrack or mix tape designed for surviving and navigating an apocalyptic wasteland.......

 .......They don't simply put one or two riffs under a drum loop. That would be too easy. And nothing about Our Last Enemy is easy or simple. They carefully craft the type of hard rock that can cause tectonic plates to shift, while maintaining an artful bend. They also like to rip your head clean off your neck. That's not easy to do, but nothing worth creating or listening to in life is.

 Orcultus- 7" EP

In relation to the above note from the band I can respect that, but would be nice to have some info, guess they want the music to do the talking for them.

Orcultus 7" EP Promo Video 

Mantar- White Nights
Two piece monster from northern germany. debut: "death by burning" recorded in early 2013. no fancy art production -> just raw display of power. the half german / half turkish band exists for not even a year.
true battle hymns and sinister sounds of darkness. no gimmicks, no image, pure rage. bone crushin' like the berzerker's path. in spite of the fact no bassguitar has been used on the record, MANTAR manages to sound even meaner and heavier than a five piece band due to superior skills in general.
flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback orgies and doom mayhem.

 That's all for this week folks , remember if there are any videos you might like to see here please send me a message and request something.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau 

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