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Little Shop Of Movies Review: Ender's Game(Releases Feb 11th, 2014)

Orson Scott Card has sold many a book over the years but his story of a young military leader would be one of his most captivating stories he has told. With the story first debuting in the August 1977 copy of Analog Science Fiction and Fact with additional novels to add to the Ender's Game Series. It won The Nebula Award for best book in 1985 and in 1986 won the Hugo Award as well for best novel. Orson Scott Card also Co-Produced this version of his novels.
Sending  a young man out to fight a war is one thing but to lead a group of his peers down that same fate is something that no one would like to ever think they might have to do or send their child to an horrific time as that, be as it may this is what Ender's Game is all about.
There are strong performances throughout this film but so much of it gets lost in all the special effects makes for an empty soul of a film really.
There are so many training sessions abound that would make anyone's head spin but not our illustrious leader he takes it all in stride as this is what he is there for , or is he?
The hidden agenda is hidden well from all of us and the climax is sad and yet at the same time(his superiors feel)was(is) the right thing to do and yet they only ever really had him to do their bidding. He comes across not changed by the training of the wars but yet even a more bright man than all those around him.
Still the overabundance of the special effects really took away any real interaction between the actual humans in this film and for that I cannot recommend this film, if all you want is action and special effects then yes you might like this if you like Transformers. All in all I found the ending more interesting to see where he left off at and was happy as to where they let Ender finish and not some stupid ending, not as bad as the rest of the film anyways.

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