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Movie Reviews: This Week --Carrie(2013) & Byzantium

There is something wrong with films today and the majority of what is wrong is the lack of originality or of any storytelling for that matter, when working from previous tellings of the story and a story that was based on(in my opinion)one of Stephen King's better stories.
Appearance is everything and while I will not go on about comparisons with this and the original film(as there is rather nothing that compares to the original)but if you look at the picture above the horror shown are so different in contrast and for the feel of the picture old vs new is on and Carrie(1976) wins hands down.
In this film Carrie comes across as a little brat and for this we are almost(and I do stress, almost)feel sorry for her mother, but there is little sympathy for anyone when it all feels called in.
Having read the book when it first came out I was scared of the Brian DePalma directed film starring Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie.

All the performances were weak and the film just lacked that certain something.....oh I know  something to be afraid of, the only thing here is the possibility of a damn sequel.

Wow and for everything that was wrong with the previous film, was what was so right for this film-this works for so many great reasons, first off Neil Jordan in my opinion one of the worlds most underrated and under appreciated directors.
He has directed many films one of my favorites besides this film now was 1984's "The Company of Wolves" a different , more adult telling of Red Riding Hood and then most notably for "Interview with the Vampire" starring Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt as vampires.
Then the cross dressing romp of "The Crying Game".
There is something mysterious about the two women that travel and share rooms and everything but the men in their lives, but the mystery soon starts to unfold and wow if there was a film that could turn on a dime and still hold it together - this was one of those films.
We soon find that they are in fact creatures of the night, but not bloodthirsty, one even apologizes to the people she about to feed on, if you don't understand the whole mythism about vampires then you will not get this film, this is a film for adults this is not a lovers film it is much more intelligent than most films that are done these days. This challenges all that we think we know about vampires as they can exist day or night without turning into ash-they do not fly they drive or walk places.
Ok for those of you that were worried there is no romance in here -there is but nothing that would make the Twilight fans happy as this is a more real adult romance-as things don't always work out the way we sometimes want, also there probably won't be a half dozen sequels to this either Mr Jordan doesn't work like that and thats another reason he is so great.
There are a number of instances when we are taken back in time and to the earlier parts of our characters lives and some directors might have a bit of trouble keeping them all in check but this all works so well together the story so strong and all of the performers, the sets etc all of what makes a film great is here, I just wish more people could appreciate great stories like this and the incredible work that went into this film.
You might have noticed that I have shared very little(or not much) about this film as I feel that if you are intrigued to see the film at all then the less the better, also to get into too much will spoil it or better yet I would be writing all night about it.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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